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How to Get More Google Reviews For Your Local Business

Nearly every business, especially local ones I've worked with wants to know how they can get more positive online reviews for their company. Why? Because they know what everyone else knows. Online reviews can make or break a company. That's the reality in today's hyper-connected world in which your reputation as a company is always on display for the world to see. Sure there's some level of foolish gaming of…
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Getting More Leads for Your Staffing Agency Using Lead Magnets

Getting new leads for your Staffing and Recruiting agency on both the client and candidate side is usually one of the top priorities of the C-level executives of such a firm. Forming the right strategies around bringing in leads into the business is sometimes a tricky proposition. With the premise that all marketing is now digital marketing, one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to bring in new leads…
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The Most Important Digital Marketing KPI’s You Should be Tracking

So you've hired a digital marketing agency. Perhaps just a few freelancers that call themselves SEO experts. Or maybe you've brought on a small but, what you hope to be, capable in-house digital marketing team. How do you know if the time and money you're spending on these resources are producing any measure of return? How do you know these efforts are providing a positive return on investment that will…
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Using E-Mail Marketing to Grow Your Optometry Clinic

Without a doubt, when compared to other competing digital marketing channels, e-mail is still king. This seemingly superlative statement is true for both customer engagement and conversion rates when it comes to both e-commerce sales and lead converting actions such as filling out contact forms and booking appointments. Each year, as the newest digital marketing channel appears on the landscape, there is a natural bump in the effectiveness of using…
Sebastian Arciszewski
April 25, 2019
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The Importance of Location Pages for Local SEO

If your business relies in any way on being found locally, you're most likely aware of the importance that location pages play in SEO. Increasingly Google and other search engines are looking for a variety of signals to help them organize your significance as a local business as compared to other competitors in the area. What exactly are those signals and what role does a location page play in those?…
Sebastian Arciszewski
April 22, 2019
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Digital Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists – Discovering Your Ideal Patients

As of 2019, there are approximately 68,000 orthodontic practices in the U.S. alone, and while only a few years ago most orthodontists just had to worry about their local competition, that is no longer true. With the advent of companies like Smile Direct Club and their many copycats, the ability to compete in an increasingly crowded field, even in their local area, has driven many orthodontists to rethink their marketing…
Sebastian Arciszewski
April 18, 2019
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This Will Always be Your #1 Digital Marketing Strategy

Before I make the grand reveal of what your # 1 digital marketing strategy will always be, a bold claim to be sure, let's first look at the definition of strategy vs. tactics. When talking about marketing, in particular, digital marketing, unfortunately, these two tend to get conflated too often. Strategy vs. Tactics While this overview is not meant to be comprehensive, it's best to think of the puzzle of…
Sebastian Arciszewski
April 12, 2019